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Originally Posted by jonsills View Post
So, perusing some old stuff on the Interwebs, I found a link to a site called I Write Like. It does a statistical analysis of a writing sample (the longer the better, apparently) to figure out what popular author you write most like. (Spoiler: If you submit internet comments or blog posts, it will almost certainly tell you you write like Cory Doctorow.)

Out of curiosity, I started feeding it the stories I've written here. Apparently, my Nniol stories are written in a style similar to that of Dan Brown; my Grunt stories come across as flavored with Arthur C. Clarke; and my first tale here, of VA Sills and the Hans Asperger, resembled the writing style of Isaac Asimov. Heady company indeed!

I thought it was fun. Anyone else want to give it a shot?
Just did it, myself.

For Veleen Takor, my new Romulan Alt, her first story introducing her has a style like James Fenimore Cooper's, the story where she sides with the Federation and becomes involved with Section 31 has a flavor of Dan Brown, my piece on Mirror Lelouch resembles the style of Jonathan Swift, and my very first Lit challenge seems to resemble stories from David Foster Wallace.

I'm assuming that that's pretty good.
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