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06-27-2013, 02:46 PM
Guess what. I am playing since beta and for the very first time I was on Risa. Yes, it is the truth.

Now, to the Summer Event.

I like the map and the EV Artist showed quite a creativity in my opinion. Kudos to that.
The atmosphere is really trying to transport as it were summer, but sadly some essential failures of the event prevent it from making me go there once again.

1) No swimmwear

There are a ton of NPCs running around bare chest and in swim suits, but sadly I have to run and fly around in my Uniform. Guess those Uniforms must be thermo-active somehow.
From an RPG standpoint it totally breaks immersion and downgrades the event.

2) The lack of free for fun activities
It would have been a nice gesture to implement a speed boat game and a speed boat for rent just to have fun.

3) Jetpacks
I know a lot of people asked for something like this but I don't think it fits into Star Trek Online. The initial thought I had when I flew with this thing was "Champions Online". This is nothing bad, but it is just a personal issue I have. It just feels weird for a Star Trek game. Although, I has never been done in any ST game before.

4) The Corvette
This is perhaps the major issue I have. The Corvette is just breaking game balance in terms of available ships. It is in many cases superior than RA ships which are designed with high end technology. And then a space speed boat comes along and outshines a lot of "military" ships of the line from any faction. Just because something is new - in this case the "Free ship" doesn't mean it has to outshine any existing ships.
Please value game equalty and canon when you guys design such things the next time. There was absolutely no need to outfit the corvette in such extend.
It is very nice of you having done so, but please think first the next time.

Overall, the summer event is a nice addition, but due various issues and reward distributions it was my first and last time there.
I ordered my crew to prepare departing the orbit of Risa and will grant officers on duty shore leave when it is suitable per assignments. For me it was nice to see the clear blue water. I will spend my summer somewhere else in the Quadrant, but not on Risa.

Have fun all