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06-27-2013, 03:16 PM
I'm sorry Cryptic, you have done a great job with this new Risa Event.

But why only let it last until August? This map is so much more fun then the old Risa. Please let this replace or complement the other map. Maybe without some of the rewards like the Pearls or something, like you've done with the Old Featured Episodes.

It is simply too good to only be available a short time every year.

But I agree about the lack of swimsuits or even swimming. You should be able to learn from Champions about swimming. Beach bonfires and maybe something fun connected with that? Stop the fire from spreading with fire extinguishers or cook something in the fire. Tall stories or listen to music etc.

Also, you really should allow women to wear the Capri pants and males the shorts as well. Why this fascination of yours to limit costumes so much. Please look to Champions for that as well and unlock more costumes for everyone. If Worf could have a Starfleet uniform, we should be able to put all out crew in the same uniform as well.

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