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06-27-2013, 05:36 PM
Samba Master - 25p -
Your mastery of the summer dance competition on Risa has taught you a few new samba moves.
Samba! - 25p - You've paid a visit to the dance floor on Risa and picked up a simple samba routine.

Exploration Accolades:
Arc Flight Mastery - 10p -
You flew under one of the natural arcs on Risa.
Catch Me If Toucan - 10p - You played Pavyl's game on Risa
Ducks of Hazzard - 10p - You followed the clue and found Pavyl on Risa.
Gorilla in Sixty Seconds - 10p - Pavyl can't stump you. You deciphered his clue and found him again on Risa.
Lightly Landed on a Lighthouse - 10p - You landed on the two lighthouses on Risa.
Risa Roofer - 10p - You took a little break by standing on the roof of the hotel on Risa.
The Big Year - 10p - Locate all of the Vista Birds
The Frog and the Furious - 10p - You've beaten Pavyl at his own game and know the island as well as a Risian.
Walked the Boardwalk - 10p - You took a walk on the boardwalk in Risa.
Why Are You Flying Over a Volcano? - 10p - You flew to the tip of the volcano in Risa.
Won't Look Down - 10p - You braved the swaying bridge in the paradise of Risa.

General Accolades:
Denied Mok'bara (FED only) - 10p -
A Klingon on Risa refused to teach you Mok'bara.
Fireworks Observer - 10p - You watched a fireworks display on Risa.
Master Relaxer - 10p - Earn all the accolades on Risa.
Onlooker - 10p - You overheard an argument between a Trill and a Klingon on Risa.
Practitioner of Mok'bara (KDF only) - 10p - You practiced the art of Mok'bara with a Klingon on Risa.

It's amazing to see how they manage to split accolades, belonging to the same wrapper, into two different categories. As usual, Cryptic show signs of their non-existing QA and in 7 hours is the first maintenance planned. Thank God I'll be asleep then.

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