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06-27-2013, 05:11 PM
Yes please.

I was just now doing the Dance party with several other players, as the sun was setting on Risa and fireworks were bursting in the air. In a word, awesome.

You (Cryptic) guys did a fantastic job on this event addition of Risa and I absolutely hope it sticks around.


All of the associated Summer Event activities will stop being available, as will free access for Klingons, but the destination can still be used as a social map by Federation and Fed-Romulan captains.
I hope you will reconsider both of these. I know this is intended to be a special event for summer, but leaving the stores open and certainly the floaters will give people reason to return to Risa and just have fun earning some simple things.

And I say Risa, being close to the Klingon border, with people that openly welcome all, is neutral to all galactic conflicts and continues to extend it's hospitality to all who seek it.

In other words, leave it as a playground for all characters.