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06-27-2013, 05:29 PM
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story: orion female

just bought the "Outfit Box - Risian Beachcomber Outfit" by giving away mass EC ( 20.000.000 - 25.000.000,-EC ) to the local players around to get that 600 flavor stuff i need and guess what:

opened the box, got the msg grats u have your new outfit, go to tailor and... i cant find it ANYWHERE under "off duty" outfits nor in the others.. its not there, unavailable.. gone.. wanished..

and btw its the most ridiculous idea to put it in "off duty" since theres NONE, ZERO, NOTHING at all for KDF players there to combine this under-wear.. which is kinda not that good at all --->

i must point out there are some FASCINATING swimsuits on the NPS's on new risa... like why on the hell we cant have those ???????????????????????????????????????????? i mean srsly fix this .. force them to risa only i dont care but.. LET US GET THOSE ffs

if mini-skirts and orion bikinis are OK than just DO IT, what is this madness...
I really like some of the npc's swimwear. I sort of cringe every time I pass one and think about the grandma shorts I'm trying to buy.