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I wanted to put in some cool intro for Voporak as the first reply.
Simply, human, I am Romulan. You are not. You lack the capacity of our self sacrifice, as it is ingrained from birth and supplemented by example and history. You are more numerous but are never better simply by numbers but only by individual achievement. You will never understand our "ideal of enemy" which demonstrably claims and praises both those we defeat and sings paeans for those who us defeat. It was long ago we struck out separate from our Vulcan brothers as their choices were found by us to be too limiting, too subservient, and too failure prone.
I am not certain I can explain this.... Once again, basically, our differences are at times immense and at other times are minuscule. If everyone does fight to win, so do we, but! We fight to win forever! no matter our personal sacrifice.
As said D'Dar of Remus in 2069 (your date method!): "Sometimes you 'win,' sometimes you 'lose,' but only a Romulan knows true Victory is when that victory is well colored and odored and when the Warrior never finds fault with his own dedication and service."
I've been tasked to clarify some details I forget are not common among all warriors:

Wherein Victory is that or any outcome which does not deny nor denigrate ones Racial honor.
Wherein honorable actions are not dependent on "my own" interpretations of our Romulan goals.
Wherein Defeat is not that outcome that identifies any personal fault nor failure, nor excuse it, but may identify it, but only that which can cause pause to the success of the Romulan Way.

Sooo? If you aren't Romulan you are dust.
If you are dust, we need brooms or shovels.