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With the coming of the new event, the Risa Floater is now available to buy with the Lohlunat favor currency. But, this device is only operational in Risa. And this event is only running 35 days. The current value of the high-end floaters can be worth over 25 million EC in the exchange. It seems to me this is a bit high priced for something that is only usable 35 days. If these floaters were planned to serve some other purpose than the event this would seem much more reasonable. *And as starakus pointed out below, the code already put into this would be a shame to be wasted.*

My main point of this post is to suggest a possible ground fleet action, PvP, or STF that uses these floaters in a flight combat scenario.

Thank you for reading, and to the Dev team, Please consider.

*I just noticed another similar topic farther down the forum, I appologize, I must be blind..*


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