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06-27-2013, 10:42 PM
Then you're in the minority, because most players view Saurians as hideous.

And I was speaking purely from a humanoid point of view, Saurians aren't what we're used to, so they're not as appealing as Liberated Borg, who can appear to be fully humanoid.

As from an aesthetic point of view, the Saurians are just a joke.

Turian, Krogan, Gorn, these are good examples of reptilian species.
Just by looking at them you know they are reptiles.

The Saurians are just a pink bag stuck on a mammal's body.
And think about that for a moment, if they are a pure reptilian species, their females wouldn't have something that mammals do.

Turian and Krogan females certainly do not have that particular feature!
They resemble the males quite closely.
And for a mammallian species, telling the genders apart is quite difficult (unless the female is talking, because her voice makes it obvious).
Although for a Turian female, it's quite easy, they don't have the cranial spines that mark a male Turian.