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As there doesn't really seem to be anything too entertaining to keep doing on Risa besides the 25 day grind, could you at least (drastically) increase the mark rewards for turning in of those parrot pets?

First of all, these birds are much harder to get than Winter Epohhs. The 6 Winter Epohh marks were both attainable from the PvP race and from digging reliably. Eggs are rarely gotten from Horgahn search or are sold at 150 Favors each.

Second, these Risian parrots reward much less marks at turn in then Winter Epohhs did. Those rewarded 100 (200 for critted) marks for the final stage, these new birds reward 60 (120 for critted) marks for the final stage.

There is a clear imbalance as Risian parrots are harder to get yet reward less than Winter Epohhs. Please correct this imbalance.
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