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06-28-2013, 12:32 AM
The code is already there, in fact the opposite is true here. This seems like a waste of code for only 35 days use. It is coded to not work or to shut off indoors when flying from outside so no ESD floater spammers. Its quite nice code and it is pretty much all I like about the summer event. I could see this being useful if you die in that borg mission with the long windey road and have to run all the way back to your team, or in Mine Trap to get to another group if you have evacuated all your civilians already. You could disable weapons while in use or even better it would make for some great ground pvp if it were enabled. It would be great if it worked on regular maps. Throw it on Tribble and see if its overpowered in any way. I don't see how this would be of any advantage accept for a time saver, especially if weapons were offline during use(edit* and captain powers).

Additional maps perhaps in the future, tailor made, for use of pack with weapons. (mountainous maps, ground version of shuttle/walker stf, flying with floaters instead of shuttles fighting Romulan swooper thingies etc.)
Future upgrades to include the swoop attack you see in the early Romulus missions of the drones swooping in and taking captives. Perhaps a swoop, pick up, and drop, 3min cooldown..

Some of the future ideas would take more code but the basic idea of letting people get around faster on big open maps like nimbus III and New Romulous a whole lot less painful.

Plus you get to save some code on all that "beam back to starting point", even if it is a just a copy and paste job with landing point. The New Romulus teleporter stations and people attending them could go bye bye saving some code space and some polygons. If its outdoors they will have a jet pack, so no need to tp, if you don't have one, then walk, people will learn quick. In hindsight it would be more work to take the old stuff out than to put the new stuff in but I digress..

Its a great bit of code and some great art department stuff going to waste. Reminds me of star trek V where Spock flies up to Kirk mountain climbing. This would make me upgrade to a better pack, otherwise I don't see why anyone would bother for 35 days use.

Make it so!

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