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06-28-2013, 02:08 AM
Originally Posted by brentnewland View Post
Pretty clear to me.

And "completely redesign coding" is something you pulled out of... thin air... due to a lack of understanding programming.
No actually I understand coding just fine, however it's clear you don't. What the original poster is asking for it the ability to fly using the floater as well as being able to fire your weapons and other abilities which currently cannot be done. All of the code limiting the floaters from being able to do those thing would have to be removed as well as new interactions, animations for some parts, and various other coding modifications would have to be done.

The Risa Summer event map was specifically designed based around what they wanted floaters to be able to do and not do, other maps don't have that so it would either have to be specifically built into new maps and the floaters wouldn't be usable on any older maps, or they would have to code all of the different parameters into the floater to allow it to be a universally usable item.

Some parts are clearly done using trigger zones, while others are pure coding, I'm referring the modifications based on the pure coding aspect.

The problem with older maps is they weren't designed with flying players as a consideration and there are a lot of gaps in the invisible walls that players tend to find from time to time. Vulcan for example has several areas were either the invisible walls or the terrain allows players to access sections unintentionally or where there are wholes in the terrain itself.

The simplest solution would be to just restrict floaters to only maps that are specifically designed for their use.