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Originally Posted by borgresearcher View Post
also using using 2 epts is stupid since the shared cd among them is 30s
Excuse me? There is a reason why this is a standard build among most escort pilots. Bear in mind that the shield resistance buff and extra power from EPtS lasts for 30s. In other words, when you have two EPtS, you get constant, 100% uptime of a shield resistance buff. Having 1 EPtS will give you only 2/3 uptime. Using EPtE and EPtS is doable, but it will leave holes in your shielding resist that can be blasted through in an instant if you get caught in CC.

time - ability
0 EPtS active, 15s cooldown on EPtE
15s EPtE active, EPtS has 15s remaining
30s EPtS goes down, 15s cooldown remaining, EPtE has 15s remaining
- here you are extremely vulnerable to CC -
45s cycle restarts

During that period, anyone with a tractor beam (like you suggest) will slaughter you. With EPtS up, you at least have an opportunity to survive and run.

If you want to use two Emergency Power abilities, use 3 Damage Control Engineers, and you will get about 90% uptime on both.
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