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Originally Posted by captweavers View Post
Thanks for the input....should I stay with the fleet antiproton weapons (all accx2/dmgx2) or should I switch to polaron weapons (all accx3) or tetryon weapons (all accx3) - using
3xdhc, 1xdbb and 3xturrets?? Note: my bug is only used for pvp.
use only 5 weapons, 6 if you use plasmonic leech... 2 turrets aft plus tractor beam mines, considering you dont have tractor beam equipped.

if you plan to change to tetryons switch the tractor mines for the nukara mines, and the normal dbb for the hyper refracting for the 2 set bonus (+7.6% tetryon dmg).

if you had a tractor in your bo stations and the nukara mines or the cloaking tractor ones, i recommend using the fleet weapons - accx2 dmgx2 ... if not, you should use accx3.

dont use polarons, they are good and cheap, but tetryons or disruptor (antiprotons are ok if you already have them) do a better job.
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