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Originally Posted by ssb64 View Post
how the hell epts helps in Crowd Control ? you want to compare 15s of epts with 30s of epte ?
now eptx skills are balanced ... before that you were right, but not now.
I wouldn't say that it helps directly, but it does mitigate it somewhat in that the additional defense provided by EPtE can be neutralised by a tractor, but the shield resist of EPtS is not. That slim margin might give you the chance to tank despite the lack of defense. Even with my mere 6 point spec into Gravitons, I can still hang on to an escort with EPtE up. Not sure why or how, but that's my observation so far.

In the absence of a competent Sci, yes, combining the two can work. I reacted a bit strongly to him saying that doubling EPTS was useless. Overreacted somewhat. Combining the two has its strengths (the time when both are up) and weaknesses (time when EPTS is down).
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