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06-28-2013, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by futurepastnow View Post
I did the Horg'ahn Hunt about six times (or sixty statues) and got three eggs. They're not *that* rare.
Oh really?

So you are saying "I won the lottery so its not that hard" because that is what you are saying, a egg requires 150 Favors as a Winter Epohh required just 6 Winter tags, the dance have a fixed pay of 25, the Statue hunt a minimum of 30 and the fact it can go higher does not mean such should assumed (just like finding eggs or winning the lottery).

Now the winter race was 4 timer per hour, the Statue hunt and Dance are 4 timer per hour but here is the thing, we only need 6 Winter Tag and participation reward on the race was 2 per race meaning a assured Winter Epohh per hour ... a egg will cost more that one hour because 110 favors are the only assured, meaning its a hour and half ... TWICE the amount of time required and without Snowman fight to get things for other things, Favors are used for about everything ... Floaters, Outfits and Birds.

There is simply no reason to cost 150 favors, in fact doing so actually lowers your capability to earn Marks because you only get 60 compared with 100 of a Epohh that can easy be reached within a hour and a half of normal play.

15 per egg would be a more reasonable amount.