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06-28-2013, 09:11 AM
Please help me in my aventine build : i think mine is ok but i could use pvp experts help ...
here it goes:


FORE : 3x phaser dual heavy cannons mk xi [acc]x3
AFT : 3x phaser turrets mk xi [acc]x3

Note: i use 6 weapons instead of the optimal 5 because i have plasmonic leech on... youll see that later****


DEFLECTOR : borg mk xii
ENGINE : borg mk xii
SHIELD : elite fleet covariant mk xii [resA & resB]
WARP CORE : aux cap / W->A / eps or batteries / shield capacitor ----- mk xi vry rare
HANGAR : elite SRU's


TAC : 4x phaser relay mk xii rare
ENG : 2x neutronium fleet mk xi [turn]
SCI : plasmonic leech / quantum focus phaser / subspace jumper / field gen mk xi rare


TAC : tt1 / crf 1

ENG : epts1 / rsp1 / ab1
epte1 / a2b

SCI : tb1 / tss 2 / he 3 / fbp3 (or repulsors3) ------- note im tac

in the other thread someone said " 2 a2b or none" can someone explain me why ? a2b tech doff also reduce a2b own cd, making 28 secs in it (20 shared) ... by 8 seconds i should use another a2b ? i dont think so.


1 x tt recharge
1 x crf recharge
3 x tech doffs (a2b all skills recharge)

all purple

i think just using 1 tt doff and 1 crf doff is enough to always - or almost always to reach its shared cooldown... with a2b and tac initiative... i think its enough, considering i can make a a2b build with aceton beam.

why ppl dont like aceton beam ? its so op -_- ok its cleared by he but its the same deal as tractor beam, just activate it in the right time...

help !!!!!!
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