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06-28-2013, 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by cidstorm View Post
The renovated Scimitar looks amazing, but I am pretty sad they all use so many of the same parts. The differences are extremely minimal, which is good because because the original design is so great, but sad because the artists didn't get to experiment. We also didn't really get a scimitar that looked more like a traditional Romulan warbird.

I wonder if this is more an experiment on the companies part on what will sell more, or if this was the lack of time or money striking again. The wings being so similar is completely understandable, animating different firing sequences would be hellish. Despite the minimal differences I still hope the customizability is great, the really varied areas like the engines and weapon pods will be super fun to play with, can't wait.
well, differences that we can see now. the wings are animated, and sicne the wings all look different, will likely look different while animating and we cant see the entirety of every ship, makes it hard to tell what other differences there could be.
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