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I had shared this with the Foundry group forum, but then realized that RP-er's might have even more use for this ongoing project.

Basically, I plot the real life positions of the stars and place them on a 1 light-year per grid scale map using STO's sector configuration. After doing that I begin reconciling this "real life" map to sources such as STO, ST:Star Charts, and Memory Alpha, etc.

It's an ongoing project that will extend the detailed sector maps out to 100 LY distance, I'm currently working on getting the recently completed 40 LY ring of sectors published to the blog link below, and I'll update here as I do.

Check out the ongoing progress at Real Sector Maps - Online Atlas - For Star Trek

Overview Map (based off Suritaca's)

Sectors Done So Far (although some get updated):
Formalhaut Sector
Denobula Sector
Antares Sector
Stameris Sector
Bolarus Sector
Devron Sector
Sierra Sector
Argelius Sector
Orion Sector
Celes Sector
Vulcan Sector
Teneebia Sector
Tellar Sector
Draylax Sector

Quadrant Block overview map:
Quadrant Block Intersection Map

Episodes/Voyages Maps:
TOS/TAS Voyages on Map
NX-01 Voyages Maps

Gazetteer: want to know where a star system, star base, or outpost is? The Real Sector Maps Gazetteer is where you will find an alphabetical list of such things with links to the sectors they appear in (for published sectors only.)
Real Sector Maps - Online Atlas - for Star Trek/STO
Foundry Missions:
Scepter of Minos * Grapok in the Generals Lung * The Sky Above, The Clouds Below * Legend of the Inspector General (16+) * Miridoor (41+) * Survival Must Be Earned (a Klingon Romeo and Juliet story)

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