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Originally Posted by tenkari View Post
seems like some of these spots have things in the wrong spot if you go by STO's charts..... memory alpha and wolf 359 are the biggest culprits that i know of.

not saying your positions are wrong. just pointing out the difference.
It's explained in the blog posts.

to address Wolf 359 and Memory Alpha:

Wolf 359, in reality, would be in the Teneebia Sector...that is dictated by the overriding requirements of orientation that place Vulcan and Andor in the Vulcan Sector. You could, in theory, shift everything 1 LY to the right and 3 LY's down and still keep Vulcan and Andor in the Vulcan Sector and have 359 be on the north border...but for the sake of long term simplicity for myself in keeping Sol at the center it ends up in Teneebia. (the spreadsheet I use has complicated enough algorithms, let alone to start slipping in adjustments at this stage, I mean, I suppose I could and redo the maps, but what a pain in the arse! lol)

Memory Alpha is called Memory Alpha because its in the Alpha Quadrant, although STO could retcon it to mean "Alpha" as in the primary library instead of which quadrant it was in. ST:Star Charts, which STO loosely bases its mapping on, has it in Alpha Quadrant, I'm sure the placement was more for developer convenience than anything else.
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