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I don't know... I'm having a lot of trouble reading this map. The lines don't all have the same thickness, I'm unclear what that means, if anything, I can't find Sol (should be on the edge between the Alpha and Beta quadrants, cause the Pinkskins get to draw all the lines). I did manage to find Eta Eridani but the knowledge that Sol is roughly twenty lightyears away from that does me no good at all, and it's a two dimensional map with no legend (I'm forced to guess the star colors denote sequence) and no notations for offset from the Z axis so... what's the point?

I'm sure it's a fun project but it's all colored dots to me.
The Z-axis is accounted for in the distance algorithms, and is shown when two (or more) stars end up occupying the same 2D grid coordinate (ex- Wolf 359 in Teneebia Sector)

In these maps, Sol is at the very center (in STO it appears to have a 1 LY right and down offset)

On the Sector Maps:
Each grid point is 1 Light Year.
The thicker lines are every 5 LY and separate out the "Sections" (i.e., Gamma Hydra, Section 10) but are not marked with Section Numbers.

The Star Colors are according to spectral class:

O, B, A = Blue
F = Light Yellow
G = Yellow
K = Orange
M = Red
WD = Gray

In the case of binary, trinary, etc. star systems *only the color of the primary* is shown...on the map if you see two stars in the same location it *is not* a notation of a multiple star system, merely stars that share the same 2D coordinates, their Z-axis is shown.

Celes Sector
X,Y coordinate 33,-38: Stephenson 265 @ -46, V1386 Orion @ 48

This indicates that Stephenson 265 is 46 LY below 0 Z LY and V1386 Orion is 48 above.

A simpler way to think about it: if this relationship is placed on an STO Map: Stephenson (Regulus) would be well near the bottom of an STO Map and V1386 Orion well near the top, but they would be in roughly the same X,Y position.

Clear as mud?
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