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06-28-2013, 11:08 AM
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So "pointless" teaser blog today, and actual ship details on Monday. Got it.

"Pointless"? That's a bit harsh, and I'm going to have to disagree personally. Our artists enjoy celebrating the work they've created and sharing it with players through a blog. While the stats and abilities are sure interesting, celebrating the design process is just as important IMO as there would be no ship (and therefore no stats or abilities) without the incredible work our ship artists do...
I agree with you Brandon. I actually love the behind-the-scenes peeks at the How and the Why of the game.

I so often see in these forums people complaining about ship blogs not having stats, that all they want is the stats, and people have been salivating over the Scimitar such that "every" thread with a Dev post has someone asking when it's coming... My quip was to pre-jump on the "I Can Haz Stats Now" bandwagon. That's why I quoted the word pointless and put a "tongue" smiley (as in someone blowing a raspberry) to express the cheeky nature of the post. Clearly my sarcasm and forum mockery didn't come through.

No offense was intended.

I truly apologize if any occurred.

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