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Well, clearer. It'll still give a skewed idea of the distances involved. Position on the Z-axis doesn't only matter if two stars have to share the same vicinity on X and Y.`What may appear to be the nearest star on that map, may well be much further away than the next one over, or one even 'farther' away. I mean, if it's meant to be useful somehow to people, shouldn't it be accurate?
Believe me, I considered this.

Like I said, it's factored into the positioning...but the only real way I could figure to do it "right" would be to make layers of sectors. So that, for instance, the Vulcan Sector would represent the "center" 20 LY (10 LY up and 10LY down) and then the next sectors above and below it would be from 10 to 30 LY positive and negative, etc.

But if we did that then neither Vulcan or Andor would be in the Vulcan Sector...

Vulcan (40 Eridani) X/Y/Z: 3 -16 -16
Andor (Procyon) X/Y/Z: 10 -5 11

So we can tell that a sector has to be *at least* 27 LY's "high" ... likely 20 LY "up" and 20 LY "down"...going down the list in the spreadsheet I could see that the bulk of stars fall within this range so it didn't seem to make sense to populate the next two "up and down" sectors 20 LY above and below the Sol plane.

So within the confines of the STO Sector system, where the sectors are apparently 20 LYx20LYx40LY...there's simply not much point in showing the potential upper and lower, more sparsely populated "sectors"

The galactic disc is approx. 1000 LY thick, which would mean you could potentially have 25 of these z-sectors in any particular x/y-sector point. But most would be relatively empty.

On top of which...well lets face it...most folks cannot handle thinking in 3D...and the concept of "upper" and "lower" sectors (let alone a dozen upper and lower sectors) would blow most folks minds.
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