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Personal log: Stardate 88648.1

I shouldn't have been there, plain and simple.

This was Holy Ground to these people and here I was strolling around like the nonbeliever that I am. To be honest I wouldn't even be here if I didn't tug a few strings from my Section 31 connections but here I was, and here just happened to be the Vulcan Temple atop Mount Seleya. I could hardly breath by the time I made it to the top, it was way too hot and frankly that inoculation didn't really feel like it was doing much. As I began walking through the halls it seemed unusually quite given the sand storm on its way toward the temple, it must have been the acoustics of the architecture or something.

As quiet as it was though, I nearly jumped out of my skin when one of the priests spoke up from right behind me. I'd have guessed that she wasn't too pleased with my being here, but the only indication was the blunt direct tone to her voice. She didn't even ask why I was there, I really don't know if she had been given the heads up on my visit or if she could simply read my mind, but she led me through a series of corridors and passageways until we reached the isolation chambers, the ones used for deeper meditations or treatments for those who had been put through the emotional trauma T'Pal had experienced.

The Priest was gone before I could even ask what to do next, so I kind of just shrugged and knocked on the door.

"I expected you sooner Captain."

Another Vulcan that didn't sound so pleased to see me, but this one was at least a friend. At least when she wasn't giving me such a stone cold expression.

"It's good to see you E'Saul."

"As it is to see you James."

"How are you? How is she?"

"I remain the same as usual, but T'Pal still has her 'ups and downs' as you would say."

"May I?"

"Yes, you may, but please remain silent. We have been in here trying to focus her Katra. She has been doing well, but still seems to be having nightmares."

We walked into the small room, lit only by a few candles on a small alter and one or two on the floor to aid in meditation. There on the floor knelt in some sort of light robes was my First Officer. To be honest, I don't think I had ever seen her with her hair down. It was longer than I would have expected, and she looked different when it framed her face. Se was only about forty or so in human years, but didn't look a day over twenty nine. She breathed so slowly that I couldn't even tell she had been breathing at all, so as quietly as I could, I found a spot on the wall to lean against.

The Doctor took her place opposite of T'Pal and began chanting in the native when she put her hands out and did something that caught me off guard. A small bowl had been between them, filled with what I could only assume was water when it suddenly started moving. I stood in amazement at what I was watching as it began with light ripples, then heavier ones. As T'Pal began chanting, the water began taking various patterns, making geometric shapes. I had no clue they could do such things, at least I'd never seen or heard anything beyond the famous telepathy. They went on like this for another hour or so... I think. They woke me up after I began snoring too loud.

E'Saul pulled a few strings of her own to allow her and T'Pal to do her therapy here. E'Saul had trained here for twenty years before Admiral Aviess recruited her back into service, which was about two years before joining my crew. She was a devout Vulcan and could have made a great priestess had she stayed with it. After what happened aboard the ship she felt here was the best place for her to recover. They could do some sort of ritual that would allow them to dampen the memories which would make it easier to treat her as well as retrain her to control her emotions. Eventually over the treatment they had let more of the emotions through, but even then it was a slow process. It had been two months since they'd left the ship, I myself had only been back for one.

They invited me back to their Quarters to eat since I wasn't really allowed to eat with the rest of the Priests and Priestess'. It gave me a chance to have a more intimate discussion, both with T'Pal as well as E'Saul, who had been my counselor as well until an alternate version of myself attacked using a stolen Tholian carrier. Things were quiet at first, but E'Saul couldn't help but comment on my expression over dinner. I'm not one to turn down a free meal or genuine hospitality, but it'd entirely slipped my mind that all the Vulcans on my crew were vegetarian.

"Is there a problem with the meal James?"

"I uh... I just forgot Vulcans were so big on the salads."

"I apologize James, shall we go out and find you something more suitable? The monastery garden has had a slight chkariya infestation if you would prefer to solve both problems at once?"

To my surprise T'Pal laughed, just slightly, but even E'Saul cocked an eyebrow quizzically. I couldn't help but to laugh myself, this just egged her on, which made me laugh harder. Dr. E'Saul even gave a sly little smirk as the two of us were laughing harder and harder. After we had calmed down I couldn't help but feel guilty. Here she was working for months to regain control of her emotions as well as get passed what happened to her, and in a few hours of being here, I had her laughing. She had a look on her face of slight disappointment before she took a deep breath to regain composure.

"Do not feel bad James," E'Saul said, it must have been my expression, "it is good for her to laugh, I find that the positive helps balance out the negative, she cannot regain control of her emotion without proper equilibrium. A little cheat here and there might help in both of your recoveries."

"How is the rest of the crew Sir?" T'Pal asked. The tone of her voice gave away a little more emotion than intended, but it was good to hear her sounding a little more like herself.

"They're good actually, Mr. Sabin and Lt. Cmdr Edison are on a sabbatical aboard the U.S.S. Nixon."

"The Nixon? That ship is supposed to be on assignment studying anomalies in the Tau Dewa sector, is it not?" E'Saul asked.

"It is actually, go figure that the two smartest guys on the ship would take a vacation to a ship to study black holes."

I looked to T'Pal but not even a smile. The sad thing is that actually made me feel a little better, which was a shame too, she had a really cute laugh.

"Pruz managed to talk Dave into taking Wraith to Risa to celebrate."

"Risa?" This time both ladies cocked their eyebrow.

'Yeah" I laughed a little, "she thought it would be fun to see this summer celebration they've got going on lately. From the last I'd heard they took the boy swimming, and he nearly drowned."

"Drowned? Is he-?"

"He's fine, but it was kind of funny that with everything he's done, not once did any of us ever stop to think if he could swim. He quite proudly blurted over Keating that Mrs. Pruz "showed him several mating rituals."

I jumped a little bit when T'Pal suddenly do a spit take on me from that. She did however manage to keep herself from showing anything. Even E'Saul's eyes popped open at that.

"Fizi?" E'Saul asked.

"Dancing. She took the boy dancing at the festival. He didn't know how to do that either, so she had to teach him a few different dance moves."

She sighed in relief... well... as much as a Vulcan can anyway. I laughed a little again as I wiped the water from my shirt, T'Pal apologized profusely. I couldn't be mad, it was kind of a surprise, plus it was hilarious to be frank.

After we finished eating I helped E'Saul clean up the plates as T'Pal went back to meditate once more in solitude. Since the monastery didn't use replicators it meant having to actually hand wash everything, something I haven't done since I was a small boy visiting my Grandma. I tried to stay out of the way of the monks as we cleaned up. We talked about a lot of things that have happened since the ordeal with the monster that WAS my mirror self. I hated to admit to such a thing but I had to confide in her that I was glad that he was dead, more so that I had almost enjoyed watching Wraith break him down like that. I was horrified that part of the reason I broke down and cried was not only because I had been through a similar experience, but partly because I was so glad he was dead and had gone in agony.

She paused a moment to reflect, something I've come to realize was more trouble than I wanted to hear right now.

"What is it Doctor?" My tone was of clear concern.

"I did not want to hold this from you, but I did not honestly know how to bring this up Captain."

Captain... She hadn't called me that the entire time I'd been here.

"It was what he took Captain."

"What he took? What who took? Do you mean what he did to T'Pal? What did he do to-"

"Nanites Captain, he left Fizi alive in sick bay so he could access the files in the computer. He left her unharmed because she was so willing to cooperate and because he had other plans."

I was angry, it just flared up from no where at this point. But the Doctor, luckily had that sharp wit to her and managed to catch me before I said anything I regret.

"She's an empath Sir, she could sense what he was, she was practically in tears because of the things he was doing to T'Pal. You yourself locked up in fear after he tortured you, all she did was what she had to so she could help once we got free. He had sent down a guard or two for things like a dermal regenerator, my laser scalpel, and a few different drug compounds for keeping patients awake during surgeries. At one point during T'Pal's ordeal, Fizi said he came down personally to access the computer in my office before using medical replicator. That injector he had was full of repurposed nanites."


"I am not sure how just yet?"

"Just yet?"

"I have been working through it while not helping T'Pal with her recovery. He had gone through numerous files on my personal computer, everything I had in there involving Borg nanotechnology."


"Must you keep repeating me like that James?"

I gave a little chuckle, as mad as I was, E'Saul had known me too long, she knew exactly which buttons to push and when. Its also why I asked that she pull double duty as the ships counselor. She knew what I was asking though.

"Everything though, I have checked and he had somehow managed to break any encryptions I had in place and accessed everything from the Voyager files to Section 31 to my own files on Both Edison and Wraith."

"Wraith? But his nanites are-"

"Are his entire immune system, they are the only things keeping his body from tearing itself apart. They also help heal his more serious injuries."

"When they revived Wraith after he'd been suffocated, can that be why he injected himself?"

She gave me that sarcastic look she gives when I say something "foolishly human".

"You can not just inject a dead body with blood from someone else to bring it back Captain, that is just plain ludicrous. That would be like me using a hypospray of Gorn DNA to regrow your arm. It just does not work that way. Besides, there was no way of telling if he was dead or not without an actual body."

"He had bigger plans.... It's the only thing that makes sense. He wanted those nanites for something, and even though he's dead, I think his first officer is going to carry those plans out."

"Agreed, it is the logical reason for their sudden departure. Regardless Captain, we need to prepare for the eventual causality of what happened. Not if, but when that crew returns we need to be ready for anything they might throw at us."

She was right, there was no doubt about it. If that evil Bastard uses those nanites, we need to be prepared. After her meditations were finished I had to apologize to T'Pal about my having to leave and the reasoning why. She gave me a hug which I wasn't expecting, but I hugged her back, kissing her on the forehead. I knew exactly the kinds of things she'd been through, and much to my dismay she knew the things that had been done to me now as well. While our physical scars maybe faded, E'Saul is still there doing her best to help us become whole again. I wished her the fastest recovery possible, both the crew and I couldn't wait to have her back when she felt like she was ready.

As I left she shed a small tear, wiping it away as she suppressed any emotions she had been feeling. Looking back I honestly didn't want to leave, it was the first bit of peace I'd had in a long time, it was almost like being normal again. For a few brief hours I was completely happy after what happened, but for the time being, it looked like I was going to have to make some big plans of my own. I waved to her and E'Saul before pulling my comm badge out of my pocket and chirping the ship.

"One to beam up."

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