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06-28-2013, 12:32 PM
Originally Posted by ssb64 View Post
Look at the brand new elite fleet hangar pets... they are ...

stupid, unbalanced and in some cases, op

take a look at them :



fed side hangar pets are a lot unbalanced .... kdfs are good but in some cases unbalanced too

these pets clearly need to be balanced.

my proposal:

Yellowstone - remains the same
Delta fliers - the same but adds a charged particle burst 1 (just like yellowstones got the ewp1)
peregrines - cant figure out how to balance these
sru's - the same but with hull signature masked (like the op caitian pets)
type 10 - instead of polarize hull - scramble sensors 1 (this skill isnt that op) - or adding 2 photon torpedo tubes


toduj - same fix as peregrine (idk yet)
tachyon drones - the same but adding a trans torp (never seen these in action, i dont know how their cycling beam can do...
skull - the same but with crf 1
slavers - the same
interceptors - the same
ferjai - drop the aceton beam (i dont see another way to balance these)

share your opinion. how you would balance them? do you agree with my proposal ?

I can't tell if you are actually serious or having some fun on a Friday.