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06-28-2013, 12:53 PM
I say 15 because overall we are better off doing other things if we want marks, only reason for having the parrots as epohh is to make people actually do the events and not just do maybe 1-2 events and then just do daily flying for the corvette since floaters are useless outside Risa, clothing is limited so you can just get 2900 Favors per character and call it a day, you get best Floater and everything and that about 24 hours of play on the event, less that a hour per day per character.

And that is if you want about everything, clothing is 1800 total were the floater is the most expensive one and if you just one floater you can grab a 50 one that perfectible serviceable and thats 30 minutes of play, a statue hunt and a dance.

Its only a issue if you have a lot of alts and want stuff on all of them, if you have 3 characters this is quite reachable but the weakest link is the birds, you are more likely to ignore then instead of buying eggs to raise them, I did that in Winter event because no way I would go with the Rommy grind unless forced, in fact I abandoned it completely on my characters created after because its too much of a hassle.
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