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06-28-2013, 02:14 PM
Beam: Fire at Will should only target two targets, since I use cannons.

Tractor beams should only be usable under 2km, 5km is way too far for something I never use.

Tactical Team is very useful to lots of players, but the shield facing function of it is overpowered, please remove that.

AP:O is fine. It's my only tractor-beam breaker, I can't sacrifice half of my science Boff's on a polarize hull.

Better than nerfing AP:O what about buffs to other attack patterns? Beta is fine, its very popular. Delta could use some work, I think Omega has more survivability than Delta.

Maybe introduce more attack patterns? We don't need Alpha through Omega, but we could use maybe one or two more, in my opinion. You can just cannibalize other abilities from other games and Trek-ify them.

"Attack Pattern: Espilon; For the next 15 seconds, all weapons do 15% less damage, but you take 30% less damage during the duration"

Classic "Ironskin" type ability, do less damage, but receive even less. Good situational cooldown, with a cost.

Attack Pattern: Tau; For 15 seconds, each projectile weapon fired reduces recharge delay by 100% (by half, STO math) and reduces turn rate by 50% (a quarter)"

Reverse alpha attack. The longer it goes the faster you shoot, but the slower you become... kinda like "slowly turn into a turret" mode.

Thoughts on the sheer idiocy of my ideas, or more ideas for new attack patterns?