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06-28-2013, 03:25 PM
Originally Posted by shar487a View Post
You forgot the Excelsior retrofit.

AP-Omega is an excellent BOFF skill, but just because you choose to fly a ship that cannot use AP-Omega, that doesn't mean that AP-Omega warrants a downgrade. That mentality is nothing short of absurd. STO does not revolve around any one player's preferences
Who said anything about what ship I choose to fly?

For that matter, if I have to ask that, I have to ask what mentality I have been painted as?

My causes for wanting a change are already stated, and nothing to do with ship preference. To be rude again (with half a point), if your going to bypass what I said to argue with a some ghost that isn't me, why am I in this conversion?

Originally Posted by insanesenator View Post
AP:O is fine. It's my only tractor-beam breaker, I can't sacrifice half of my science Boff's on a polarize hull.
Ignoring all the other fluff that ignores the reason I gave for wanting what I want? That line alone makes my case for me (,and is another way of stating my case)

Attack Pattern Omega is doing more work in one slot then any other power, allowing you to ignore trades off that should have made. All the while letting you keep what you normally would have to trade. Which is my real issue, not that AT:O is a very cool power.

It's a very cool power that letting you do stuff counter to what a normal tactical theme should have given up in trade to stand out as a tactical theme.