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06-28-2013, 02:50 PM
I didn't exactly get my butt handed to me... In fact, I got him down to 7%. Then he launched a torpedo barrage at me and I was demolished. Now this is the dumb part: On my second try, I got him down to 40%. When I respawned, He was still ate 40%. That's when I got him down to 7%. So when he killed me again, I went off to the red arrow on my map. But he was not there. I looked up and down but nothing was there other than DS9. Thats when he appeared in my face. he hadn't cloaked because he did not fade in, just appeared in front of me. And now he had full hull, full shields, and it was like the battle had started over. I am really angry. I think Cryptic should make it so enemies keep their hull damage even after you die.