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Originally Posted by mrsladewilson View Post
While I'll miss the Ask Cryptics to an extent, this was a fascinating topic and a great blog.
I think maybe she gets a dialogue pass now and then but I THINK she mainly writes the overall lore. Ie. the text dumps in those consoles you read, the ad copy. Like when you talk to the lorekeeper on the colony in the Romulan tutorial, that's her.

Basically, she works on Stahl on the pre-2409 backstory and big picture arc stuff. And then if the team has a story that they want to tell, her job is to come in, make sense of it, and justify what the team is doing.

Y'know, "Oh. That should be an arc spanner. The text here should say 'reverse the polarity', not 'increase it.' Oh. You want Picard to be an axe murderer that the player fights? CBS said okay? Okay, here's how we can justify it. Oh? We need background text here? On it."

So I think she's mainly in the fine details, not individual episode plots. And then again in the very big picture, as in what happens to empires moreso than characters. Although she may have characters she pitches and fits into other people's plots too.