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06-28-2013, 04:40 PM
If they add anymore rep programs without a significant number of new missions to grind then I might not bother even on my primary captain. I was lucky to have lots of Nukara marks from the old version of Nukara ground hard int and ext.

To answer OP question I have many alts for testing, but I have 7 intended for use. 3 fed and 3 kdf (1 sci, eng, tac) and a rom sci.

I am only playing fed eng now, leveled feds and kdf all on the omega system, but not since. I think my fed tac has all the rom and omega reputation up. Bottom line i dont need rep for anything special in pve, just need the perks to remain competitive on my eng cap for fleet play.

The rom capt was a waste of time for my preferences and leveled from 30-50 with doff only by transferring greens. THe missions were tedious and ships lacked interest for my game play. But I like multiplayer stuff more and the missions were basically single player in nature.

Rep is not content IMO, I just want to have new things to do, not new empty bins to fill up in a repetitive manner. The rep system has pretty much eliminated my play time on the kdf side. I hope there are no new rep systems so I can play my kdf sci some in the near future.

I wish that pvp matches gave choice of marks, it is more teamwork in nature than the pug mark missions.

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