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*R.A.S. Victory and R.A.S. Albion, near the Shoal Zone.

The R.A.S. Victory and R.A.S. Albion are Victory-Class Ground Attack Cruisers; Assault Vessels designed specifically for the Republic Naval Assault Operations Branch. They are designed to be capable of sustained flight in a planet's upper-atmosphere while under fire and are capable of defending themselves in space combat far greater than their MACO counterparts.

They are armed with 4 rotary Zero-Point Dual Cannon mounts on either side with heavy anti-fighter weaponry as well as torpedo launchers directed ventrally for Orbital Strike capacity.

However, their main function is to carry Assault Ops units into a Planet's atmosphere, where heavy warships cannot follow, and deploy Assault Craft to drop the Assault Ops into a Combat Zone. As such, the majority of the Vessel is designed for Troop Transport and Deployment, with a large Medical Section and a Cargo Bay sufficient for setting up a preliminary supply line.

It does however have a massive Shuttle Bay, capable of launching 50 Goliath-Class Assault Craft at a time. The Bay is positioned on the Belly of the craft, with the idea being to "drop" the craft into the atmosphere and letting them proceed to their targets from there.

The Victory-Class is capable of carrying 2 Companies of Troops (400 men) plus an operational crew of 400, bringing its total crew complement prior to an operation up to approx 800. It is very unusual to ever see a Victory-Class operating on its on, and they usually travel in groups of 5, to bring a full battalion into combat.

The Goliath-Class Assault Craft has been the staple Ground Attack Craft of the Republic Naval Marine Corps and Assault Operations since the 2480s, being continuously updated for frontline use in the modern theatre.

The Victory-Class generally operates 3 variants of the Republic GA-10G Goliath, the 7th iteration of the craft:

The GA-10G/T: Designed to carry a full squad into combat safely, with space for all 10 squad members plus a crew of 5 (1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 1 engineer and 2 gunners). The GA-10G/T has 2 rotary Phaser Gatling turrets mounted on either side as well as a Phaser Cannon mounted facing forward for close air-support. It can also be quickly adapted to carry supplies into the combat zone under fire at short notice.

The GA-10G/V: Designed to carry a full squad into combat, plus an ATAV (All-Terrain Assault Vehicle) carried in a vehicle bay underneath. This variant does not have the weapons the GA-10G/T has, but has greater armour to compensate. This makes the G/V much slower than her cousins due to weight, but the ability to drop a ground transport and support vehicle as fast as the ATAV in a short space of time is considered worth the loss of time.

The GA-10G/M: Designed to fill the MedEvac role, it has space for the standard crew and turrets, plus 4 medics, but due to the medical equipment, can only carry 2 injured personnel out of the combat zone. For this reason, Assault Ops squads are always trained in Combat First Aid, with a Medic trained in Combat Surgery.

All these vehicles are also operated by the RNMC (Republic Navy Marine Corps), and are capable of long-distance space travel.

During Operations, these units are almost always accompanied by a fighter escort.

R.A.S. Victory, Operation Command. This part of the ship is used by Company Captains to brief Platoon leaders on a situation for the Operation. Here, the 5 Commanding Officers of Wolf Company's 1st Platoon's squads are being briefed by Captain Bradley "Rex" Fordo; Wolf Company's Commanding Officer.*

Rex: Alright people, it's -12 Zero-Hour for Operation: Firebird's first phase.

Operation: Firebird is the Republic military response to the Kar'moon Alliance's takeover of the Government on Torvak VIII in the Shoal Zone. The planet has been turned into a fortress and Military Command believes it's only a matter of time before the Alliance uses it as a staging point to attack multiple targets within Republic Space, including Deep Space 61. The Operation is being undertaken by us - the 212th Assault Ops Battalion - the 73rd Division of the Republic Navy Marine Corps, and the 3rd and 4th Fleets.

Phase 1 will involve the 3rd Fleet securing a corridor to Torvak VIII that we can use to insert into the planet's atmosphere. From there, Wolf Company will deploy into Tormara City - the South-Eastern Regional Capital - and secure key points within the City until the Marines arrive in Phase 2.

Meanwhile, Shark Company will be securing several Supply Bases across the region.

Phase 2 begins once Wolf Company has secured 2 of 5 objectives within the city - codenamed Alpha and Delta.

Sergeant Delvientos, Sabre Squad, step forward.

*Scorch steps forward.*

Your squad will be in charge of securing Objective Delta. It's a tall skyscraper used as a network broadcasting tower. We're going to use it to establish secure communication between the planet surface and Victory. You must secure the entire building and ensure it remains intact until the Marines arrive.

Scorch: Understood.

Rex: Rapier and Gladiator Squads, we'll be securing Objective Alpha. It's the city's Space Port, so it's crucial we secure it to allow the rest of Wolfhound Battalion to land here if needed. We also need it to allow supply drops within the city as well as safe MedEvac.

Rapier, I'll be going with you on this one.

Valor and Gallant Squads, you'll be on reserve in case we take casualties.

Phase 2 will be the Marine Offensive. Once we reach this stage, the Operation is in full swing. The 4th Fleet will come in with the Marines to take out the last of the Alliance Space forces.

After we've secured a beach head around Tormara Province, the rest of the Operation will consist of taking the Planetary Capital.

For Phase 1, we will be receiving Fighter Assistance from the R.S.S. Illustrious. She'll be donating 2 Wings of 5 Raptor-Class Interceptors for aerial interception; Callsign: Lightning 1 and Lightning 2. Lightning 1 will be watching our backs, with Lightning 2 supporting Shark Company.

If you get suppressed by enemy air cover, call in Lightning 1-1. He'll bring his wing in for immediate attack.

We're also getting 4 wings of 3 Icarus-Class Close Support fighters. They're equipped to handle anything the Alliance can throw at you. Callsigns: Thunder 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Thunders 2 and 4 will be watching our back, with 1 and 3 watching Shark. Note that Thunder will need to rearm, and will be unable to provide continuous support.

You will be dropping in from high altitudes to avoid our transports being shot down. You'll decelerate using Jump-packs. You've got complete packets on your individual objectives including when to start your deceleration.

Our transports will be Callsign: Wolfhound. Wolfhound 1 will be us. Wolfhound 2 will be the Sharks. Wolfhound 1-1 is Rapier Squad, 1-2 - Gladiator, 1-3 - Sabre, 1-4 - Valor, and 1-5 - Gallant.

Note that we will have 2 Frigates in geosynchronous orbit over both Wolf and Shark Companies; Callsign Guardian 1-1 and Guardian 1-2 respectively. R.A.S. Victory will be Citadel 1. R.A.S. Anton is carrying Warrigul and Sabretooth Companies and will be Citadel 2, and so forth. Just remember your relevant callsigns.

Any questions?

All but Scorch, dismissed. See you when we drop Wolfhounds.

*Everyone but Scorch and Rex leave.*

Scorch: Sir?

Rex: I don't need to tell you how important Delta is to this operation. This is going to be Sabre Squad's first operation together in Wolfhound. Do ya think you're ready?

Scorch: In my experience, sir, you can never be "ready" for real combat. But, we've been training together for months. There's definitely a bond between everyone in the squad, Rex.

Rex: Good. Remember, don't leave anyone behind.

Scorch: "Minimum casualties, maximum effectiveness!"

Rex: Amen to that! Get your squad briefed. We're dropping in minus 13 hours.

*OOC: Going offline for 12 hours. See ya tomorrow.*

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