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# 1 "Play from the bridge"
06-28-2013, 05:23 PM
I know this has been discussed before but I think this is a different approach.

commanding your ship from the bridge in space, in my opinion people have been thinking too much about how to do this from the "actual" ship interiors, which would be really complicated.

Why not make it just another UI / camera position option?

go to each bridge and take a screen shot sitting in the captains chair
overlay that shot onto the space UI, with the bridge main viewer open to look out into space.
go to each ship and place a camera option where the bridge is supposed to be.
add some text to the screenshots for red alerts, cloaking, evasive maneuvers, make the camera jump when under attack, etc., etc.

I know it is not "true bridge combat" but I would definitely use it.
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also thought of physically adding a bridge to each ship for space maps with bo's, etc, etc, but I get the feeling that much detail on each ship in space would cause the servers to melt.
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