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06-28-2013, 06:30 PM
One thing people have to realize with all the romulan consoles. Is that the ships are partly balanced with them in mind.

Is it still healing to much... perhaps but to say it should only be doing 200 hps or so is just silly.

IMO it should perhaps drop to 150% or from the 200% number.

This thing is only usable on Warbrids which will always have a lower shield resist number.

In order to gain the 2 piece bonuses that the ships are partly balanced around you are giving up 2 console slots.

I know the consoles are all very powerful I agree... however everyone of my roms ends up with really 1-2 usable console slots at most... because frankly a few of these consoles are needed parts of the ship. I don't use the valdore console... but I don't begrudge anyone that does now that its fixed... frankly they still die all the time. Adapt a little.

Reduce this one to 150% it is still going to out heal escort 50-60 aux healing numbers and that isn't broken at all.
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