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Originally Posted by resoundingenvoy View Post
Who said anything about what ship I choose to fly?
Your 1st post says it all:

Originally Posted by resoundingenvoy View Post
I'll be un-front, I am highly displease with Attack Pattern Omega. It's a very cool thing, but that's indirectly why I'm angry with it. The tactical ships tree is summary about doing damage, to the exclusion of everything except tactical team. It takes ship that deliberately forgo survival or indirect attacks and removes the their disadvantages.

Which, again, makes it a very cool thing.

My problem is that it's almost exclusive to tactical ships, does more then any other single power, and negates the trade off such ships should be making while letting them keep everything they traded for. So, my suggestion is one of three things:

For that matter, if I have to ask that, I have to ask what mentality I have been painted as?

My causes for wanting a change are already stated, and nothing to do with ship preference. To be rude again (with half a point), if your going to bypass what I said to argue with a some ghost that isn't me, why am I in this conversion?
There is no reason to be displeased with AP-Omega since it provides multiple benefits and is available to all captain-professions. The only limiting factor is whether or not your ship supports Lt.Cmdr or Cmdr tactical bridge officer stations. Therefore, the only reason to dislike AP-Omega is if your current ship cannot take advantage of AP-Omega and places your build at a disadvantage when facing optimized opponents using it.

Originally Posted by resoundingenvoy View Post
Ignoring all the other fluff that ignores the reason I gave for wanting what I want? That line alone makes my case for me (,and is another way of stating my case)

Attack Pattern Omega is doing more work in one slot then any other power, allowing you to ignore trades off that should have made. All the while letting you keep what you normally would have to trade. Which is my real issue, not that AT:O is a very cool power.

It's a very cool power that letting you do stuff counter to what a normal tactical theme should have given up in trade to stand out as a tactical theme.

Your reasons were not ignored -- they just weren't convincing.

AP-Omega's numerous benefits are offset by its short 15 second duration with a 1 minute cooldown. Therefore, AP-Omega is best used when opposing ships attempt to tractor beam, teleport, web mine, or otherwise incapacitate the AP-Omega-user's ship. AP-Omega cannot be blindly spammed like AP-Beta and AP-Delta -- it must be used judiciously for optimum effect.

I see plenty of non-tactical players running AP-Omega in their builds. Likewise with EPtS, Hazard Emitters, and other "very cool" abilities with no down-sides whatsoever. By your argument, should all must-have STO BOFF skills be nerfed?