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06-28-2013, 08:01 PM
Cole turning in his bridge chair looks at the holo display in from of him

Cole: serina status?

Serina: all ground forces are aboard and we have most of the forerunner tech and library files.

Cole: very good serina set course for sector 78950.09-498

Serina: sir that takes us withing the former dark nebula known to house still ac tive inssurection groups.

Cole: i know serina we are meeting up with battle groups delta alpha and omega we are going to take the bases and supplies there before we split up again.

Serina: i thought those battle groups

Cole: dont believe everything that your sensors tell you serina. Those battle groups where resevered during the covenant war and placed in a secure locations incase of emregency.

Serina: admiral i am picking up a slipspace rupture appears to be covenant in origin.

Cole: battle stations just in case they didnt come to talk.

Two large covenant super cruisers flank a covenant assault carrier

Serina: admiral we are being hailed.

Cole: on screen

A covenant Elite in gold and black armor appears

Thel'Rasmme: UNSC vessel this is the covenant battle group High Charity we have come to assist you in your struggle

Cole: not to ask questions ship master but does the covenant council approve of this.

Thel'Rasmme: laughs we do what we think is right if the council disagrees they would be suicidal to think of doing anything against us.

Cole: well then would you like to come aboard to discuss our next operation

Thel'Rasmme: i would be honored
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