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Ok, I have a request for a change to the UI...

Has nothing to do with the layout itself, but what keys we can use for a function, specifically the pick-up-loot function.

We have so many different things all using the F key that I keep going through menus when I don't want to, or warping out or respawning when I don't want to, all because I'm running around picking up my loot, when one of those message prompts comes up, and I end up F-keying on the prompt instead of getting my loot.

I have ended up missing out on getting my loot from time to time because of this.

So... PLEASE... can we have a separate loot key?

Or if there is a way to separate picking up loot from all of the other prompts that use the F key to interact with, through the keybinds files (which I have NO idea how to do), then can you add that keybind to the options page with the rest of the keybinds?

I think we have too many things that come up using the same key, and that we really need to separate them up a little. Picking up loot seems like a good place to do that since, well, for me anyways, picking up loot is what I'm doing the most, pretty much on reflex now.

Thanks for your time.

-- Smoov