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06-29-2013, 05:58 AM
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> The massive cost of expertise required (about 500,000 expertise PER Rep system, so about 1.5 million expertise for 3 systems - easy for old characters but yet another grind for new ones).
I managed to get my Romulan to Tier IV in Romulan and Nukara Rep and Tier V in Omega Rep. The amount of expertise required for a new toon is mind-boggling. I had to constantly grind the mirror event to get enough expertise on top of the usual mark grind to run the projects. Now I've used up my last expertise for some MK XII gear. I don't think that I will continue to run the other two Reps, it's just too boring to play the same mission over and over again. Cryptic really needs to release more options for us to get a decent amount of expertise. Other missions and DOffing simply don't reward enough.