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06-29-2013, 06:53 AM
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In a dastardly display of disregard for the Khitomer Accords, Klingon forces docked at an outpost in Eta Eridani turned traitor and attempted to assassinate President Okeg in what was supposed to be a secret morale machinating speech to the members of the 26th fleet and Task Force Argo. Their weapon of choice? Dishonour via hacked implants on an innocent liberated borg officer.

The resulting altercation- which involved a furious firefight aboard the rogue Klingon vessel- tragically touted at least four deaths and dozens of casualties. The incident culminated in the ship's warp core going critical and nearly devastating Outpost Argo. The majority of the impact was absorbed and avoided by the deft actions of the U.S.S. Monsoon and the U.S.S. Camelot (both 26th fleet), who tractored the imminent doom to a safe distance, then buffered the majority of the blast. Neither ship is in need of refit.

The identity of the would be assassin has not been made public, but sources confirm that they are safe, unharmed, and unarmed.

Sources indicate that Task Force Argo's base is on severe alert-- all individuals and ships with borg technology have been pulled from service for a thorough security assessment.

President Okeg, after his afternoon of adventure has returned unscratched to Sol.