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Yesterday Liberty Task Force at celebrated its 2 month anniversary. We have grown by leaps and bounds during that time. We now have Tier III Shipyard and we have already begun our Tier I Dilithium Mine upgrades.

We boast an active community of both veteran and new players. We all help each other out and do events together. The other day at the Risa event we had 11 members in one instance and 4 in another all working together and chatting on our TeamSpeak 3 voice server. A fun time was bad by all.

We do PvE and PvP together and we're trying to start up some light RP with some of the group. We'd love to find someone to lead us in the RP department. We have an alliance channel called STOFA which stands for Star Trek Online Fleet Alliance that we use to communicate with other fleets.

We welcome you to stop by our site and look around. If you have any further questions that the site hasn't answered or can't find e-mail me directly at or friend me in-game at Grayfox@GrayfoxJames and say hello. Hope to hear from you and hope you join us!

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