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06-29-2013, 08:53 AM
Joined ISE half way through.. Knew it was gonna be hard as Nanite spheres everywhere, optional had gone & team members had, well, I've never seen so many Damage icons on ships!!

Headed out to the left, 3 gens down, helped clear up the spheres & was about to target and blow the 4th gen when I noticed the tell tale number rise over the cube on the right hand side!!

Yep, one of the muppets had started on the other side... Completely ignored local & team yells to stop.. then he switched targets & blew 2 of the gens on the other side!!!

Needless to say, Nanites were everywhere again (left side still hadn't been cleared at this point)!!!

I opted to take the leaver penalty at that point.. some people, you just can't help!!
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