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06-29-2013, 09:40 AM
The glasses are stunningly bad. It looks like someone cobbled them together using a bitmap-paint program on a phone at the last second while waiting for a flight... or on the trainride into the office.

I'm not too worried about clipping and such, I made a decent off-duty outfit for my Romulan. What bugs me though is the lack of thought put into the sunglasses as well as the fact that the NPCs are massively upgraded. Texture and costumewise the NPCs look stunning. Character outfits, seem to have taken a step back.

Given the rumors I'm hearing coming out of Cryptic/PW I'm not surprised actually. Someone spent months working on the Risa map, someone designed two events... and someone made a ship while someone did the NPCs. Then it sat there -- and rather than be finished it was thrown out half-done.

Such an amazing map and there are what.. four missions to run total? There could be so much more to do. It's a ******n resort world -- why isn't there more to do.