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06-29-2013, 10:44 AM
Originally Posted by sneyeper View Post
Some fleeties and I tried to find a way to prevent creating the emote spam.

We teamed up and spammed team chat to receive a 2 minute mute (just say the same thing 7 times in very quick succession) - that then allowed us to dance for 2 minutes without spamming our dance emotes. Unfortunately, we all eventually received 24 hour mutes and were apparently flagged as spammers. I cant wait for customer service to contact us and to try to explain how we got flagged as spammers ... while trying to prevent spam On the upshot though you won't be seeing my dance emotes for the next 12 hours or so!

The irony......
So your solution to stop spam was to engage in spamming and thus got hit with the 24 hr chatban, and you think CS owes you an explanation?


I'd be surprised if they even bothered to reply.