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*Operation: Firebird.

Solais V, 4th Fleet rendezvous. Zero Hour -5. The R.S.S. Republic arrives as several Troop Transports can be seen as well as 15 Carriers, 30 Titan-Class Battlecruisers, and 2 other Matthew Nielson-Class Battlecruisers - the R.S.S. Commonwealth and the R.S.S. Churchill.

The 3rd Fleet has already departed to rendezvous with the 212th Battalion at Point Avalanche - 10LY from the Torvak System.

R.S.S. Republic, Situation Room. Sam, David, Dana, T'mar, Mitchell, Andrews and James are all present.*

Sam: Okay, I've spoken with Admiral Reynolds. I've been reactivated within the Republic Navy and have been placed in Command of the Republic.

David: What about Captain Forrester?

Sam: The R.S.S. Churchill was rushed into service. Before she left Androsa Fleetyards, the engineers had to remove her Energy Emmissive Armour, which had only been half mounted and no where near operational, as well as leave 20 MAMs un-installed. She's also manned barely above operational limits. Command wanted someone who knew the Matthew Neilson-Class to get her ready for combat, and to select crew from the other ships in the Fleet to augment her own up to optimal levels.

What I am about to tell you has been classified by Republic Beta Quadrant Military Command at level 5 - yadda, yadda, yadda... You know the drill.

*She presses a control and a hologram of Torvak VIII appears above the centre of the table.*

I take it you saw the news about Torvak VIII last week?

David: Yeah. Didn't they suffer a military coup?

Dana: Hold on, for those of us who have no idea what this planet is...

Sam: Right.

Torvak VIII became Warp-Capable 12 years ago, but a stable world government was only reached 8 years ago. Torvak is incredibly new to the Galactic Political Stage, and after Republic recommendations, the Federation agreed to not attempt to approach with the offer of membership until the situation was more stable.

Biologically and physically, Torvakans are very similar to Orions, though the males are much weaker. The Torvakans are dissimilar to the Orions in the sense that the society is democratic, with neither males nor females being dominant, and that females do not have the same seductive qualities that Orions do.

Culturally, the society is similar to mid-21st Century Earth. The Military is armed with thermonuclear weapons of mass destruction, but the most advanced small arms are low-power lasers and ballistic weapons. They have no armed starships.

The details on what triggered the coup are still unclear. What we do know is that a thermonuclear device destroyed the planet's major energy production centre in the asteroid belt. The planet's own natural resources will only sustain it for 20 years.

David: Sounds like someone felt that the President's own measures were insufficient.

Sam: The military seized power and placed the planet under martial law while the Torvakans approached the Kar'moon Alliance for support.

Meanwhile, surviving loyalists sent out a message to the Republic for assistance.

David: I thought we didn't involve ourselves in another government's internal affairs?

T'mar: Er... the Romulan Civil War?

David: That was different and you know it. We had a Mutual Defence Treaty with the Romulan Government and the rebels had attacked us as well.

Sam: The Torvakan situation is already being hit by outside influence. Convention 12 doesn't apply. Besides, we have been directly asked for assistance with the Alliance from the President of the legally appointed Government, and Torvak is within striking range of 10 Republic Commercial Ports and over a dozen trade routes. We can't ignore it.

Dana: The Kar'moon Alliance has demonstrated that they are more than willing to relentlessly assault civilian targets. We can't let them take that system.

Sam: Exactly. Besides, the Republic has been pretty inactive militarily and a lot of powers are questioning whether we have the military to defend both future holdings in Pegasus and the Milky Way.

T'mar: You're kidding me right?

Andrews: Since when have we been in the business of sabre rattling?

Sam: Take a look outside the trenches people. The Romulan Republic has gone silent and cut off diplomatic ties to the rest of the Galaxy. There are rumours of a revolution within and reconnaissance confirms some sort of military build-up.

It's only been a year since the holocaust and most of Romulus' Energy Production Centres are gone. They need to expand to survive. We've already received confirmed reports of Remans fleeing their own Republic and trying to make it to Federation Space.

The Romulans know that there is a massive edge to holding the areas along the Shoal Zone, and that's energy. 40% of the Republic's trade income is from supporting Energy Production Centres within neighbouring smaller powers by selling the fuel to them cheaply.

The area is also littered with dozens of Republic colonies and member-worlds.

The Dilithium and Deuterium Mines along the Shoal alone could sustain the Romulan Republic for decades. Now add on the trilithium and decalithium mines. Now the kalanium.

The Government wants to ensure that the Romulans do not try to invade Republic Space, and showing our continued devotion to potential allies along our borders seems like the best way.

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