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06-29-2013, 02:08 PM
Originally Posted by jestersage View Post
as part of my house cleaning, I am going to retire my q6600 as a secondary computer and replace it with my 3930k. However, my q6600 have my 560 ti 448, along with lots of apps and data. My 3930k as of right now have the single slot 7750.

as far as I understand, 7750 is weaker for gameplaying, so I should put 560 ti 448 in 3930k. However, are there anything on 7750 that is more beneficial then 560 ti 448?

Also, what about playing STO and BF3? Is 7750 a good enough stop gap?
NO stick with the 560 ti less heat and longer lasting i use the standard 1gb 560 and i can max out without lag or pop in for any game