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06-29-2013, 02:22 PM
I do wish the Romulans had access to traditional Romulan uniforms from TNG/DS9 timeframe, even with the terribly exaggerated shoulders.

: TNG style, but having a sash like the old TOS ones.

Taris: The commonly used style for most of TNG.

Lovok (1, 2): Tal'Shiar member from DS9. Does not have the exaggerated shoulders.

Donatra: Nemesis Romulan uniform.

The current ingame Tal'Shiar uniform has alot of features not usable by the player. Not to mention alot of Romulan Republic & Rom-Allied uniforms have terribly bad palettes that don't even match their opposites (left and right forearm items use 2 different palettes, for example).