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06-29-2013, 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by grayfax View Post
Dropping the mission does NOT fix the mission. The Dev's need to get off their collective flabby asses and fix the problems in the game. For every patch they put up[ they inevitably break a dozen other things and never fix them ie the bloody mail problem.

But that seems to be the MMO way these days. Rake in the money and screw the players.
No of course it doesn't fix the mission. I didn't say it did. I merely asked why they would do it on purpose. I also suggested that 1 bug in 1 mission is a ridiculous reason to quit a game. Perhaps being as old and decrepit as I am has mellowed me out.

As to their "flabby asses". Really? Name calling always gets results.

Not that I don't have issues myself with Cryptic's games. I've taken to stacking up Lock Boxes to see if they'll ever topple over and break open without a stupid key. I honestly don't see getting crew packs as being a prize worth spending money on.