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06-29-2013, 04:34 PM
Originally Posted by erasmuskraven View Post
No of course it doesn't fix the mission. I didn't say it did. I merely asked why they would do it on purpose. I also suggested that 1 bug in 1 mission is a ridiculous reason to quit a game. Perhaps being as old and decrepit as I am has mellowed me out.

As to their "flabby asses". Really? Name calling always gets results.

Not that I don't have issues myself with Cryptic's games. I've taken to stacking up Lock Boxes to see if they'll ever topple over and break open without a stupid key. I honestly don't see getting crew packs as being a prize worth spending money on.
It was never meant as a slam against you and I apologize if you took it that way. It was just a reiteration of what had be said over and over again throughout this entire 2 week old thread.

As for 1 bug being a reason to quit a game I agree it is ridiculous.

However the rate this crew fixes problems is pathetically slow to almost non existent. I can understand taking time to fix certain anomalies, but one that is a game stopper. Not fixing that is just plain ignorant.

And to your self description of being " old and decrepit"... Right there with you... Just hit the 60 last month.... Yeah I still game...

As for the "flabby asses" comment. I worked IT and Dev for years. Sitting at a desk does have a tendency to spread one's ass to a significant size larger than it was when it was first placed in the chair when hired.