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06-29-2013, 07:03 PM
You forgot to mention the pointless scene where the teddy bear drops on the floor.... Allow me to continue that scene...
Richard, upon hearing the evacuate signal gripped on tight to little Lucy. As they were running through the corridor, Lucy's grip wained and he fell... Feet thundered past him, the red lights flashing, everything was a blur. He could hear Lucys voice fading away until eventually the blurs stopped, the feet stopped racing by and then there was silence... The throbbing red glow cast the uneven edges of the wall in dark shadow... Alone amd afraid Richard waited for Lucy to return... Then the ground shook violently, Richard fell to one side as the ground shook more. The walls began to cdumple as if some massive force was ripping them apart. A bright light flashed from around the corner and he could feel the air getting hotter and hotter every secomd. The memories of Lucy as a child, playing in the park, sleeping while curled up after a story seemed long gone. As the fur began to blister in the intense scorching heat a single second passed when there was silence... And then blackness...Richard was no more... But don't worry... He was only a teddy!!!