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Cole is sitting in his chair getting ready to speak when the alarm sounds again

Cole: report!

Officer: sir im detecting 18 insurectionist rebels coming out of slipspace there weapons are armed and there shields are up.

Cole: prep all weapons bays put all auxillary power to shields. Serina have the covenant left yet.

Serina: yes sir they left shortly after the ship master returned to his vessel. I would assume from the comm traffic that he met up with a second battle group to take that base for us.

Cole: get the battle group in attack pattern arcadia alpha

Serina: aye sir. Should i point out that we are outnumbered here. By about 8 ships.

Cole: we can deal with them serina the things i want to know is how did they find us.

Officer: sir they have launched fighters. Weapon systems are online sir the battle group is ready.

Cole: launch fighter squad epsilon have them deal with the enemy fighters we will engage the enemy capital ship directly. Have the rest of the battle group engage there frigates and destroyers.

Serina: aye sir the battle group is moving into position now. We are now within weapons range and they are firing.

The infinity rocks as it is hit by the first shots but her shields hold strong. The rest of the battle group begins to engage the rest of the enemy ships. The infinity lets off a volley next scoring a hit with the enemy command ship.The two continue firing on each other with the infinity clearly having the upper hand. Soon 3 of the enemy destroyers break off and make an attack run on the infinity.

Serina: Sir enemy ships bearing mark 4890-9

Cole: brace for impact!

The destroyers let off a heavy barrage at almost point blank range overloading the shields of the infinity as consoles explode all over the bridge many officers are thrown from there chairs as is cole.

Cole picks himself off the ground blood running from a cut on his head as sparks are still coming out of many of the consoles.

Cole: report!

Officer: sir shields are gone PAC gun is offline and we have lost the ftl drive for now. The rest of the battle group is occupying the rest of the enemy forces but that command ship is preparing to make another run.

Cole: get ready to fire all the forward phased gauss canons. Then follow up with a torpedo slavo.

Officer: aye sir

Serina: sir the ship is already damaged with that attack run i cant say how damaged it will become.

Cole: we have to take the risk serina helm engage.

The two ships come at each other again as the infinity is hit heavily with enemy fire she fires all her forward weapons crippling the enemy ship as she banks away she fires torpedoes at the enemy command ship destroying it. The rest of the enemy forces quickly leave.

Cole: report

Serina: PAC guns are offline as are shields we have hull breaches any wher from deck 4 to deck 18. 18 where killed 10 are in serious condition still and the ftl drive is still offline. Still waiting for the rest of the damage report.

Cole: alright thank you serina

Serina: sir i advise you go to the med bay and have that taken care of my scan shows that if you dont there is a chance that you could lose vision in that eye from that cut.

Cole: serina we have one doctor down there to care for those seriously injured i can live with mine.
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